Elastomeric Cables

Elastomeric Cables

Nishant Marketing And Manufacturing Co

Nishant Marketing And Manufacturing Co manufacturers Elastomeric Cables. Elastomeric Cables are used in various sectors due to their excellent properties with standing harsh operating environments. These cables find applications in almost every sector of the economy like railways, wind farms, industrial infrastructure, petrochemical, etc. Principal Company has the capability to manufacture cables of varied elastomeric compounds like VIR/TRS, EPDM, Silicone, CSP, PCP, NBR, EVA, Fluoroelastomers, etc. The cables can be provided as per international as well domestic standard as customer specifications.


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  • Power, control & composite cables for trailing
  • ship wiring and Defense use to mining cables for land line
  • LHD & SDL machines
  • Drills
  • Coal cutters
  • Stacker-Reclaimers and earth moving equipments
  • Silicon rubber cables are manufactured for high temperature locations
  • Special power & control cables for oil rigs
  • traction motors
  • brush gear connectors
  • tap changers for EMU’s
  • AC coaches and wind energy generators

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