Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

Microtex Energy Private Limited

Microtex Energy offers Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery designed to meet industrial standards. The battery works on gas recombination technology, which eliminates the need to top up the batteries with water periodically and is mounted horizontally in robust stackable steel modules. Constructional highlights: flame retardant cell case; proprietary process technology ideal for Indian conditions; robust and aesthetically attractive modular design with thermal control features; unique European type wide electrode design; leak resistant double seal terminal design; and efficient and effective vent valve assembly. Advantages: gas recombination technology that eliminates the need to add water; effective and repeatable valve operation that works within a narrow pressure band (opening and closing); installation that is high on convenience is friendly and provides peace of mind; high performance operation with no maintenance (does not require routine water additions or specific gravity checks); jar formation ensures consistent capacity and voltage of the cell; leakage resistant double seal terminals that prevents escape of any acid mist; long storage due to the use of high quality materials in electrode construction with stringent process controls there in; leakage resistant construction with flame retardant materials permits its use in any orientation that assures safety, effective and reliable performance based on balanced material design; excellent charge acceptance; deep discharge recovery and uniformly useful capacity during its expected service life; and better usage of foot print area due to stackable modular design. Applications: telecommunications, power, solar photovoltaic, process control, oil and gas, UPS systems, switchgear, railways, etc.

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