Lead Acid Battery

Lead Acid Battery

Microtex Energy Private Limited

Microtex Energy offers a Lead Acid Battery, OpzS series. Design highlights: positive electrode – tubular-plates made with high pressure (150 bar) die cast spine corrosion resistant low antimony alloy (PbSb1.6SnSe); using superior high tenacity polyester oxide holder to hold density controlled positive active material; negative electrode – grid plate in low antimony alloy with long life expander material from the best of manufacturers from Europe and USA; separation – low electrical resistance, no-oil, PVC microporous separator from Amersil, Luxemburg; electrolyte – sulphuric acid with a density of 1.200 kg/l as per Indian standard and 1.240 kg/l as per international practice; container – high impact, transparent SAN (styrene acrylo nitrile); lid – ABS in dark grey colour; vent plug – ceramic plugs; pole insert – M10 brass insertion; connectors – thermoplastics elastomer insulated flexible copper bolted connectors having no exposed conducting surface; connecting bolts – plastics coated hex-head M10 steel bolt with reading point; installation racks – steel racks (with seismic condition compliant on request). The company is engaged in the manufacture of batteries and battery components like PVC separators. A major supplier of separators to the domestic manufacturers of batteries, it caters to the needs of the automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, reconditioners and trade throughout the country. Microtex separators are used in traction batteries, stationary cells and automotive batteries. The company has introduced traction batteries for forklifts and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries for telecommunication and UPS application.

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