Multi Master System, Suhner

Multi Master System, Suhner

Suhner India Private Limited

Suhner India Pvt Ltd, Automation Expert, is well known for power transmission solutions, flexible shafts to be precise. The company offers Multimaster system, which consists of three main components – drilling spindle (available in three sizes of quill feed units and three sizes of basic drilling spindles), flexible shaft (cable which transfers rotary motion) and base unit (electric motor with flex shaft connections). Suitable for handling of bulky parts that are too large or difficult to handle using normal work holding or machining methods, the Multimaster system can drive up to eight drilling spindles with a single electric motor via flexible shafts. Instead of directly driving a spindle with a motor, the base unit uses a 3 kW motor, and belt and pulley combination to drive the drilling spindles through flexible shafts. The flexible shaft can then be connected to a variety of Suhner drilling spindles. The set-up offers several advantages like efficiency (one motor and controls rather than multiple), versatile mounting (mount units in any direction), remote operation (move motor away from coolant), weight (units are lighter without motor directly coupled) and close mounting (allows for close hole distances). With the available options of varying speed, flexible shaft length, motor size and a wide variety of spindle types, there is no part too 'bulky‘ for the Suhner spindle system.

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