Chainflex Robot Cables, Twistable

Chainflex Robot Cables, Twistable

Igus (India) Private Limited

igus (India), a wholly owned subsidiary of igus GmbH, Germany, specialises in manufacture of polymer bearings and motion plastic products. In the area of automation and robotics, the company offers Chainflex 'Robot' cables. These are twistable robotic cables with a long service life. To account for the torsional movements, different 'soft' structural elements like rayon fibres, PTFE elements or filling elements that absorb torsion forces are used in Chainflex 'Robot' cables. Torsion-optimised shield structures are chosen that can carry out the necessary compensatory movements thanks to special PTFE gliding films. With twistable bus cables in particular, the transmission characteristics such as attenuation, cable capacity and signal quality must remain within very tight tolerance ranges over the whole service life. This is achieved through the use of particularly torsion optimised insulating materials and mechanical attenuation elements with matching capacity values. The highly abrasion-resistant, halogen-free and flame resistant PUR sheathing mixture in motor, hybrid/control cables and bus cables protects the torsion-optimised stranded elements from possible damage. The highly abrasion-resistant, halogen-free TPE-sheath mixture matches the special requirements of the twistable FOC and individual wires, and also protects the stranded elements. Following twistable CF ROBOT cable types are available: hybrid control cables, power servo cable, bus data cables, and fibre optic cables.

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