Evaporative Cooling Pads

Evaporative Cooling Pads

Desiccant Rotors International Private Limited

An evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process ? water evaporation with a simple, reliable air moving system. Fresh outside air, filtered through the saturated evaporative media, is cooled by evaporation and circulated by a suitably sized blower. Adequately designed, such cooling lowers the fresh air temperature by 7-12 degrees, e.g., the air-off temperature from the evaporative cooler for an outside temperature of 43?C can be as low as 28-30?C. Desiccant Rotors International (formerly Arctic India Engineering Pvt Ltd), the makers of EcoCool and the leaders in India for rigid cooling media, now present the Arctic range for evaporative coolers.

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  • High efficiency and reliability
  • High efficiency (approx 80%), long life EC evaporative cooling pads
  • CNC fabricated high grade galvanised steel cabinet suitable for harsh outdoors
  • Rubber lining in water tank
  • Choice of top, bottom and side discharge
  • Quick and easy removal of cooling pad
  • Designed for low RPM for lower noise levels and trouble free operation
  • High volume low head pump
  • Provided with pressure relief valve, quick fill, over flow and auto cut arrangement for make up water
  • Easy and simple pad removal
  • Compact units, enabling easy handling

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