Wire Security Seals, Tamper Evident

Wire Security Seals, Tamper Evident

Safcon Seals Private Limited

Safcon Seals Private Limited offers Metgrip range of tamper evident Wire Security Seals. This seal is a unique and innovative answer to security problems providing both strength and ease of application and is specifically designed for use on electric and utility meters. Carefully researched designs make it impossible to tamper the seal without trace. The seal once broken cannot be glued or returned to meter. Unique design features and transparent body gives an exceptionally high level of security with a low insertion force, resulting an ease of operation not experienced from any other type of security seal. The seal is designed for single use and cannot be accidentally opened and must be cut by a cutting plier for removal. Due to the transparent body, the sign of internal tampering is easily detected. High rise moulded logo and highly visible non-repeat serial numbering make each seal unique and cannot be replaced even by Utility's own employees, if they so desire. Metgrip seal is unique tamper evident security seal that meets and exceeds all expectations and is very useful for all type electric meters, gas meters, water meters, transformers, demand meters, meter boxes, etc.

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  • State-of-the-art one piece security seal
  • Non-magnetic non-corrosive stainless steel adjustable sealing wire
  • Quick and easy to use – simply insert wire end through hole via equipment recess and insert the anchor into capsule, apply thumb pressure and it's fastened permanently
  • Easy finger closure, no tools required
  • Designed for single use, destruct when opened
  • Proven one-piece security system
  • Cannot be accidentally opened – simple cutting plier needed for removal
  • Transparent body gives the seal a complete visualisation of its fixing mechanism and provides clear indications of tampering
  • RoHS compliant

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