Bulk Liquid Tanker Barrier Security Seals

Bulk Liquid Tanker Barrier Security Seals

Safcon Seals Private Limited

Safcon Seals Private Limited has developed a range of tamper evident Security Barrier Seals for Bulk Liquid Tankers. These seals ensure safe and secured transportation of liquids, chemicals, liquid or dry industrial intermediates, dairy or non-dairy food grade liquids, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc., to prevent theft and adulteration of the products in transit. The product range includes all-metal tamper proof security seals and tamper resistant wire seals that secure all the access points of tankers, i.e., dome cover, tank outlet, vent cap, pump inlet, pump outlet, etc. All security seals are provided with customer’s security code or logo and consecutive serial numbers, which make each seal unique and irreplaceable even by own employees. The security code and serial numbers are recorded in documents that may be easily verified by the receiver. If the seal numbers do not match or the security seals appear to have been tampered with, the receiver can notify the management and refuse unloading. All the security seals withstand high temperature range and cannot be tampered or removed without breaking the security seals. There is no effect of boiling water on the seal, which is the usual method applied to open the security seal in transit for malpractice. It is very important that all the openings of the tankers must be sealed at all times, i.e., after loading, after unloading, after washing and when it is in immediate control of the driver. These precautions reduce the risk of deliberate contamination of food items. The company only supplies to actual users, hence the seals are not available in the market to avoid any malpractice or misuse of security seals. Security seals are sold against official purchase order and are not even supplied on verbal or telephonic requests. These security seals are designed and manufactured after years of research and field trials. The customers who have started using these seals on the tankers or bulkers are very happy with the product reliability and the results.

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