Dry Type Dust Collectors

Dry Type Dust Collectors

Dustven Private Limited

DustVen Private Limited offers Dry Type Dust Collectors. E, M & Q series bag filters are capable of handling in excess of 600 gm/Nm3 dust loads with guaranteed emission level of even less than 10 mg/Nm3, these bag filters are capable of handling dust having majority of particulate size > 10 µm. With membrane laminated filters, they can handle very fine dust particulates.

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  • Modular construction, up to 1,150 m2 filter area in a single module, capacity range in excess of 1,000,000 m3/h with multiple modules.
  • Temperature rating up to 2500C
  • Available in filter lengths from 1000 mm to 5000 mm
  • Uses injector nozzle pulsing for most efficient online cleaning of filters, eliminates energy sapping conventional venturi and requires minimum pulsing at large intervals saving on compressed air energy.
  • Laser cut bag holding plates and easy to install snap band filters ensure zero leakage, critical to emission control.
  • Long lasting, light weight, spirally stiffened galvanized bag cages minimize deformations while handling & transport.
  • Large & high capacity rotary airlocks with adjustable vane tips for dust discharge designed to operate under (-) 800 mmwc.
  • High capacity screw conveyors for larger modules, designed to operate without hanger bearings for maintenance free operation.
  • Available with wide filter media selection of Polyester / Polypropylene / Acrylic / m-Aramide / PPS / Polyimide / Glass Fiber / PTFE media with surface treatments of oil/water repellant, anti-static, spark resistant, flame retardant, PTFE membranes etc to suit varied applications.

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