Flagship gripper is now also available in a dust-proof and ATEX-certified version

Flagship gripper is now also available in a dust-proof and ATEX-certified version
SCHUNK’s expansion of its PGN-plus-P universal grippers is not merely restricted to making it dust-proof and ATEX, it will also add some more sizes, covering all lengths as standard.
SCHUNK is expanding its range of PGN-plus-P universal grippers. The PGN-plus-P will now be available in all sizes as ATEX version for its use in potentially explosive areas and by the year’s end, all sizes will be available in dust-proof version as part of the SCHUNK catalog range with corresponding retrofit kits for existing grippers. This dust-proof version is combinable with other equipment features such as ATEX, corrosion protection, high-temperature or precision version, so that users are flexible when selecting the equipment variants. In addition, SCHUNK is also expanding the range of sizes. This year, the sizes 40, 160 and 240 are added, meaning the entire range from 40 to 240 with gripping forces of 160 N to 5,000 N and permissible finger lengths from 65 mm to 355 mm will be covered as standard.
Maintenance-free grippers
With the PGN-plus-P, SCHUNK pursues a clear objective of more performance with the same interfering contour. The weight at the tool center point is being reduced as much as possible with the powerful bolides. This facilitates dynamic processes, saves space and reduces investment costs. The fact that the supporting dimension between the six weight-bearing shoulders of the patented multi-tooth guidance was increased, two years ago by up to 40 per cent  and the surface of the oval piston by around 15 per cent has caused quite a stir in the market. It was suddenly possible to absorb higher torques, insert longer fingers, and handle heavier components. Users quickly realised that this reserve capacity is also worthwhile even if the power limit is not touched. The new design of the SCHUNK mega-seller minimises wear and increases life span, even under normal loads. This also fits to the fact that the already large diagonal pull surface of the wedge hook drive of the new PGN-plus-P was enlarged even further, minimising wear and increasing process reliability. In addition, circumferential lubricant pockets on the multi-tooth guidance ensure permanent lubrication of the sliding surfaces, and the grippers operate maintenance-free under clean operating conditions for their entire life span. Tests in SCHUNK's own product torture chamber show that the new modules have a significant edge over other products on the market, especially with respect to life span. Achieving cycle times in the middle seven-digit range with the SCHUNK PGN-plus-P are not uncommon. But what is even more important from the user's point of view, is the high process reliability of the modules, which is important for ensuring trouble-free plant operations.
Large variety of options
The range of equipment of the PGN-plus-P family is extraordinary. SCHUNK has integrated possibilities for screw connections, supports or centering as standard. In order to ensure an even distribution of air purge in the interior of the grippers, and the air purge connection was located in the middle. On request, the modules are also available with a spring safety device for mechanical gripping force maintenance, and with compensation units for compensating angular errors. The sensor program is also impressive ranging from inductive proximity switches with especially easy-to-adjust control cams, fully-integrated electronic magnetic switches, and flexible position sensors, for detecting up to five positioning areas right up to high-resolution analog sensors, which enable measuring accuracies of up to 0.03 mm. Moreover, SCHUNK provides special radio sensor systems, which monitor the stroke of the gripper jaws wirelessly for the use in machines, in confined spaces, or aggressive environments, where cables would endanger process stability.
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