Elesa+Ganter launches compact GN 936 Slam Latches for efficient doors and closures

Elesa+Ganter launches compact GN 936 Slam Latches for efficient doors and closures
These new slam latches are surface mounted and are easy to adjust for various gap dimensions.
Elesa+Ganter, a worldwide sales joint-venture that offers product of standard machine elements for the mechanical industry, has launched compact slam latches GN 936 efficient doors and effortless closures. The latch engages automatically when the door is closed preventing the door from opening unintentionally. The new latch is secure against manipulation and available with or without integrated lock.The new product is compact, universally compatible and secure against manipulation. This new slam latch GN 936 serves as surface-mounted latch. While features in the systems engineering are automatic latching doors, flaps or other access points to work rooms, automation zones and machine enclosures. Slam latches are always the first choice when quick and easy solutions are required.
These latches can be mounted on the surface and are compatible with a very wide range of profile systems as chosen by the customer. Naturally, they can also be mounted to smooth surfaces. In the latter case, it is also possible to affix the part from the rear. Socket head cap screws, hexagon head screws and hexagon nuts, all in thread size M6, may be used for mounting. it is easy to adjust for different gap dimensions between the frame and the door.
The housing and the lock mechanisms are made of robust die-cast zinc and can be availed in black or silver coating. The latches and covers are produced of plastic in matching colors featuring a subtle texture. A wide bevel running around the edge gives the slam latch an elegant and lightweight appearance, as does the accentuated shape of the release grip. The compact standard part is available in three versions— a non-lockable variant, second with the universal key and the third with a unique key.The protection against manipulation had a high priority during development. The catch and the latch engage with an offset and with relative positioning that prevents unauthorised opening right from the start. The front or rear mounting options are also designed in consideration of security aspects. In the closed state, the slam latch cannot be removed. The mounting points remain hidden under plastic covers that can only be removed while the slam latch is open. Only then it is possible to access the screws.
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