Ambetronics launches clean-room monitoring equipment

Ambetronics launches clean-room monitoring equipment
Many industries demand strict control of contamination to ensure regulatory compliance, safety of products, and operational effectiveness. Ambetronics’ clean room monitoring equipment is a reliable system for ensuring dust free environment. 
The current demands of today’s industry for quality control and quality assurance have been driven by the aspiration to deliver consistently high quality and safe products to the consumer. The industries such as aerospace, electronics, medical devices and most importantly pharmaceutical manufacturing demands strict control of contamination to ensure regulatory compliance, safety of products, and operational effectiveness. 
This has made it imperative for the cleanrooms and its associated environment to be monitored continuously for unwanted events.
Ambetronics provides a number of solutions for cleanroom applications that helps the customers to address potential events as they happen and also provides supporting data when root cause analyses is performed. 
Ambetronics’ Clean Room Monitoring Equipment (CRM) helps to eliminate contamination by dirt particles, some of which potentially contain microorganisms or toxins, and to provide a controlled physical environment with respect to temperature, pressure and humidity. 
Depending upon the signals given by Ambetronics’ humidity and temperature sensors, the air is humidified or dehumidified and heated or cooled.
One of the major cause of contaminants in the clean room is pressure difference. If the area which is supposed to be clean is at low pressure than the surrounding area, & if the door is opened, contaminants can enter. This happens because air tends to flow from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. 
Hence, along with temperature & humidity, Ambetronics’ clean room monitoring equipment also measures the pressure difference continuously thereby making it possible for the HVAC systems and pressurising pumps to keep high pressure inside the clean room. 
Ambetronics offers clean room monitoring in 3 simple steps: continuous tracking, distance monitoring, and alarm indication.
Continuous tracking 
In order to keep an acceptable working environment inside the clean room, Ambetronics’ CRM equipment consists of highly sensitive sensors that continuously measure temperature, humidity & differential pressure. As per client’s requirement, the temperature & humidity sensor can be internally fit or can be attached externally.
The company’s CRM series offers measurement of clean room parameters in the following range:
  • Temperature Range: - 30°C to 50°C
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 100% Rh
  • Differential Pressure Range: - 500 to 500 Pascal
Ambetronics can offer monitoring of single parameter, or combination of any two parameters or all 3 parameters simultaneously, depending upon the site’s requirement.
Distance monitoring
Generally pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging units require controlled environment at all stages. In such cases, there are multiple clean room areas in the same unit. It is practically impossible for a quality assurance manager or a supervisor to personally check all clean rooms at the same time. To ease the pressure, Ambetronics’ clean room monitor does that for the user. 
The output from multiple detectors situated at multiple clean rooms can be configured to a single clean room monitor directly in the Supervisors cabin. This enables the supervisor to keep a constant track of excursions of the environmental parameters at all places at the same time.  
Alarm indication 
Ambetronics’ device allows the user to have suitable set points for each environmental parameter. Whenever the parameter deviates from the acceptable range, the concerned authorities are alerted with a buzzer cum flasher. The best part of the alarming device is that it can be flush mounted, which makes it complaint with clean room standards.
USPs that a clean room monitoring equipment should have:
  • Flush mounted equipment – leaving no chance for dust and other particulate matter to settle on the equipment.
  • Varied display size, whichever suits the client’s requirement – 0.4” & 1”
  • Repetitive display – that can give visual indication at multiple places.
  • Inbuilt as well as remote sensor connecting facility
  • Rs-485 communication
  • Customised SCADA software for monitoring multiple cleanrooms simultaneously
  • Inbuilt Buzzer and LED Flasher for Alarm indication
  • User settable alarm with (HH – High High; LL – Low Low & LH – Low High) settings
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