“Need for precision is driving demand for probing system”

“Need for precision is driving demand for probing system”
Blum-Novotest GmbH is a manufacturer of testing and measurement (T&M) devices such as laser measuring systems, touch probes, measuring machines, etc, that are used by machine tool, automotive and aerospace industries. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, BV Shyam, Managing Director, Blum Novotest Measuring & Testing Technology Pvt Ltd, explains importance of T&M for precision engineering.
How is Blum Novotest serving the industry? 
Blum manufactures the metrology systems (we call it as production metrology) and this is used in most of the engineering companies. Our systems are well integrated into sectors such as automotive, aerospace, dies & mould etc. Slowly, the medical device industry is also opting for our products.
Basically our systems are used in two areas - work offset setting and tool offsetting. After parts manufacturing sector, dies and moulds sector is one of our biggest customers with close to 40-45 per cent turnover coming from it. Dies and moulds process has to be precise and there is no provision for any errors. Measurement of the dies after the machining is one of the areas which is very important. This is where we contribute by providing our probing systems for work offset in die and mould application. 
A big benefit of our software is that die & mould companies do not have to move the component from the machine to measurement area and then bringing it back. So, by using our product, the user can finish the whole activity in one go.
Precision engineering sectors like aerospace and auto components will be user of your products...
Yes. In aerospace industry, when surface machining is carried out what is very important is the Z variation that comes in tool setting. This is completely eliminated using integrated system. Lot of our contact and non-contact tool setting systems have been integrated into machines for this sector. The need for precision is driving the demand for probing system.
How are you seeing the growth for your company?
Last calendar year (2018), we had a 49 per cent growth. Even though some sectors are witnessing a slowed down, we are doing quite good in 2019. This is mainly because precision levels required by the industry are increasing. For example, in auto industry, where BS VI norm is being implemented, needs quite a lot of metrology because tolerance level is getting tighter. The probing system would help the manufacturer to control the manufacturing on the machine itself.
Is implementation of BS VI one of the reasons for the growth?
It is one of the factors. Earlier, the probing system was not required because of the tolerances were a little wider, now the tolerance is shrinking and this is where we are contributing for BS VI program. What’s important is our systems are highly precise and we are faster than any other system that is there in the industry.
Are SMEs also your customers?
We have very high focus on SMEs in India. OEMs generally would go with high end machine with all the technologies implemented. They know exactly what is kind of systems and automation are needed to be adopted to fulfil the present and future requirements. SMEs use a 
lot of machines to support one program and this is one of our major customer segments. 
What is growth plan for your company in coming years?
For a company like ours, we would look at anything between 50-60 per cent growth in India. A very important aspect of our company is service that we provide to the industry. We are much faster and quicker to the industries requirement in terms of response and this is one factor which is playing a major role.
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