Elesa+Ganter‘s specialty hinges from for superior door and flap solutions

Elesa+Ganter‘s specialty hinges from for superior door and flap solutions

Elesa+Ganter, a global leader in manufacturing plastic and metal standard machine elements for the mechanical industry, has offered speciality hinges with added functionality.

The company has made further improvements to its hinges, adding practical extra features to create designs for very particular niche applications.

For heavy duty applications, its product, GN 237.3, a compact, a heavy duty hinge made of stainless steel offers 180 degree range of motion and can stand up to even high dynamic wear – regardless of the mounting orientation with special shim washers.

Depending on the selected type, the hinge bands also have centering extensions that ensure a tighter fit – preventing sliding and eliminating the transverse forces which otherwise place extremely heavy loads on the screws. The hinge pin is secured against loss by a recess and supplied with lifetime lubrication. An asymmetrical band arrangement and the associated possibility of a third fastening hole, proves its value especially when mounted in areas with lower material cross-sections.

The hinge series GN 235, on the other hand, can be mounted with cylinder head screws and – using the offset axis – still swivels by 180 degree without collision. Horizontal and vertical slots simplify adjustment, and the hole pattern corresponds to existing hole arrangements, making it easier to replace existing hinges.

Additional functionality is offered by hinges with variable friction, and in another Elesa+Ganter part, an integrated spring ensures independent return of the hinge. This special product range, which also includes integrated damping, indexing and locking functions, is being continually expanded by Elesa+Ganter.

One kinematic highlight is that of the multiple-joint hinge with 4x, 7x or 10x joint mechanism, which opens flaps and shifts their position at the same time. 180 degree is also standard here, and the internal installation once again makes use of slots.

With its design hinges GN 138, Elesa+Ganter offers solutions for appearance-sensitive applications: The closed hinge body of die-cast zinc hides the fastening screws and is available in various sizes – soon also in stainless steel.

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