Steel Plant Specialities offers selective gas nitriding stop-off paste

Steel Plant Specialities offers selective gas nitriding stop-off paste
Gas nitriding is a case hardening process in which nascent nitrogen diffuses into the surface of special alloy steel components to create a hard, nitrided surface. It is predominantly used on steel. Typical applications include gears, crankshafts, camshafts, cam followers, valve parts, extruder screws, die-casting tools, forging dies, extrusion dies, injectors and plastic-mold tools. 
Plasma nitriding (also known as ion nitriding, plasma ion nitriding or glow-discharge nitriding) is a modern case hardening process that is slowly replacing gas nitriding. Plasma nitriding can be performed with higher efficiency than gas nitriding in a broad temperature range, from 260°C to more than 600°C. 
In both the cases of gas nitriding and plasma ion nitriding, there is always a requirement to prevent nitriding at the desired areas of the same component and leave them soft. This process is termed ‘selective nitriding’. The areas of components on which nitriding is to be prevented are typically internally threaded areas and those areas that need to be machined after nitriding. The most economical method of achieving selective nitriding is to coat the area with a stop-off paste. An Indian firm, Steel Plant Specialities, has developed stop-off pastes for conventional gas nitriding and plasma ion nitriding, ESPON-ANT and ESPON-INT, respectively. Both products are non-hazardous, non toxic and eco-friendly. 
Results of these products as confirmed by regular users are provided in the Table.
Most of the nitriding units in India are satisfied with ESPON-ANT selective gas nitriding stop-off paste.
For details, contact Steel Plant Specialities LLP, Mumbai, on Tel: 022 6797 8060, or email:
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