Moulik Rubber Industries: A trusted name for industrial sealing solution

Moulik Rubber Industries: A trusted name for industrial sealing solution
Rubber components are an integral part of all major industrial products, whether it is in the molded form like O-rings, seals, gaskets or in extruded forms like strips, profiles or cords. Due to its high resilience & flexibility, hardness variations, abrasion & tear resistance, rubber is always the primary choice for sealing applications. Additionally, every Industry has an explicit need of sealing solutions based on it compliances, physical & chemical conditions, pressure situations, compatibility, etc. 
Moulik Rubber Industries strives hard to understand those specific needs and provides application based solutions with consistent efficiency. To list a few examples, the company serves the electrical control & switchgear industry with products which are RoHS complaint as well as adhering to the various IP standards. For gas regulators and CNG/LPG appliances, products are made as per EN 549 standards. For pharmaceutical applications, the company makes food grade products. For pumps & valves, it uses anti-corrosive and high tensile products.   
Moulik Rubber Industries was established by Mr Harshad Shah in 1990, who believes in the saying “Quality in a product is not what you put in it, but it is what the customer gets out of it.” His experience in the field of rubber manufacturing and persistent hard work over the last two decades has made the company a prominent name in the rubber industry. The company now has a team of qualified professionals and skillful employees to provide services for a diverse range of industrial segments. 
Moulik Rubber has an ISO 9001-2015 certification by Bureau Veritas Certification exhibiting its focus on quality control and product consistency. The company’s manufacturing set up is spread across an area of over 5000 sq ft at two different locations - Malad (Mumbai) and Vasai (near Mumbai). Moulik Rubber is equipped with sophisticated machines like kneaders and intermix for compounding along with automated PLC controlled molding and extrusion machines of multiple sizes. The company makes its own moulds using CNC machines for utmost precision. With many basic testing facilities available in-house and association with few major testing labs, the company can provide all necessary material reports and certificates along with its products. Moulik Rubber can also develop/customise products depending on the customer specifications of design, shape, size, raw material, hardness and various other parameters. 
“We are proud to be associated with many leading companies across various industrial sectors and we are constantly engaging ourselves in providing innovative and efficient solutions for complete customer satisfaction,” says Harshad Shah.
(Communication provided by the management of the company)
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