Thruster Brakes, Electro Hydraulic

Thruster Brakes, Electro Hydraulic

Fortune Roto Control Private Limited

Fortune Roto Control Pvt Ltd offers a range of electro hydraulic Thruster Brakes. These mill duty Crane Control Equipments make electro hydraulic thruster brakes that are suitable for 400/440 V, 3-phase AC supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 100 mm to 600 mm dia. The braking to the shoes is transmitted from the springs by means of an extremely rigid and simple lever/tie rod mechanism. Since these brakes are in normally closed position, the release of the brake shoes is electro hydraulic thruster brake effected by energising the 3-phase electro hydraulic thruster, which over comes the spring force and the shoes are moved clear off the drum by lever/arm linkage system, so that the drum is free to rotate without any friction. The angle of the shoe being 70 degree makes the replacement and maintenance of the brake shoes easy at site. The design of the brake is such that as the lining keeps wearing out due to normal operation of the brake, the thruster stroke adjusts itself on its own to achieve the rated torque. The mill duty thruster brakes forming part of the brake is a self-contained unit and comprises of a centrifugal pimp and impeller drives by an electric motor. When the power in given to the thruster unit the impeller spins on oil and develops a pressure heard which is impressed upon the piston. Since the piston is connected to the arm of the brake the arm is pushed and the brake opens up. When specified, brake drum or drum coupling both pin bush type and flexible geared type can be supplied along with the brakes.

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