Small Custom Brakes, X-Small

Small Custom Brakes, X-Small

Francis Klein and Co Private Limited

Warner Electric’s Custom X-Small Brakes are the smallest on the market. There are some applications where every gram or cubic millimetre counts. In these situations OEMs and designers need to rely on high quality manufacturers who are able to deliver reliable and effective solutions. When it comes to braking solutions, Warner Electric recognises that in many of these situations the only solutions available are expensive permanent magnet brakes. As a consequence, it has developed a range of spring-set holding brakes, which are the smallest on the market and offer the same performance at a competitive cost. The X-Small brakes are designed primarily for engaged/disengaged holding applications – such as seat adjustment on an aeroplane – though they can provide a low cycle rate stopping action in emergency situations. As they are electrically released they will remain reliably engaged in the event of a power failure, which makes them suited to applications where the integrity of the holding force is imperative. The range consists of 6 standard sizes, which range from 22-33.5 mm diameter (30-100g) and offer up to 50Ncm of static torque.

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