Floating Housing Brake

Floating Housing Brake


Eaton’s passion for developing revolutionary new disc brake technology led to the development of the Floating House Brake (FHB)—a patented braking concept that uses a floating housing instead of a floating rotor. Rated for over 430,000 lb-in of torque, these spring-applied, air-cooled disc brakes are commonly used in applications like surface mining, oilfields and other heavy-duty industrial machinery. The Airflex FHB both maximizes friction life and offers a rapid friction replacement capability

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  • Long-wearing organic friction material and a rugged, solid-cast rotating disc reduce inertia compared to typical caliper brakes
  • Designed to fit and interface with multiple, industry-leading motor frames
  • Fixed hub and rotor design extends product life by eliminating wear during free-wheeling
  • 360 degree annular disc reduces overall maintenance downtime by extending the life of friction pads, which are also easier to change
  • Exclusive shaft lock assembly improves installation speed and safety

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