Electronic Injection Brakes

Electronic Injection Brakes

Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH offers Electronic Injection Brakes in module housings, Model LEKTROMIK® B1.

LEKTROMIK B1 is an electronic brake module for the smooth braking of induction motors. It is most frequently used with three-phase induction motors. The use with single-phase capacitor motors is also possible.

LEKTROMIK B1 uses the principle of d.c. injection in the stator winding. A d.c. current obtained by rectifying the supply voltage produces a stationary magnetic field which retards the rotor. The braking torque depends on the magnitude of the current which can be varied by phase-controlled thyristors. This allows the retardation to be varied over a wide range.

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  • Braking of machines with long stopping times
  • Roller-table drives
  • Circular saws, planers
  • Centrifuges
  • Grinding machines
  • Fast braking of vibrator motors
  • Roller and ball mills
  • Braking torque and braking time-out separately adjustable.
  • Module housing for mounting on 35 mm DIN rails. Very compact with width of a standard contactor (45 mm)
  • Live terminals are well protected against accidental contact
  • Easily retrofitted
  • Fast start of braking operation (approx. 0.3 s)
  • Simple connection with standard contactors
  • Can be used without braking contactors
  • Can be used as a combined soft-start and brake using the electronic soft-starts SoftCompact

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