Electromagnetic Disc Brake

Electromagnetic Disc Brake

G A Industries

G A Industries offers superior electromagnetic disc brakes, and has a comprehensive range of standard electromagnetic disc brakes. The company is a leading designer, manufacturer of GMAC brand electromagnetic disc brakes.

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Typical applications include conveyors, hoisting equipment, machine tools, printing presses, small cranes, overhead doors,

Constructional features

  • Neoprene shock absorber – prevents link pin breakage and increases the life of the solenoid, hardened steel lever and spring gland reduces wear at the pins and all other points of contact
  • Cast iron wheel – the physical properties of the iron minimise the tendency of the wheel to deposit metal particles in the lining which could result in serious scoring of the wheel
  • Spring pins – the tight gripping spring pins insure against the loss of pins due to shock
  • Inexpensive lining replacement – linings attached to shoes by removable flat head groove – pins
  • Fewer joints – the shoe is actually a part of the shoe lever and not separate from it, which makes fewer mechanical joints and keeps wear points at minimum
  • Solenoid – the solenoid coil can be removed without disturbing the brake adjustment, solenoid loading is designed to reduce wear
  • Adjustments – adjustments for torque and lining wear are conveniently and quickly made. Braking torque and living wear adjustments are made at the top of the brake.

A set screw and locking nut located on the top of the solenoid frame provide adjustment for equalizing clearance between the brake shoes to prevent dragging when the brake is released.

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