Materials For Clutch Discs

Materials For Clutch Discs

Friction Elements

Friction Elements has developed various materials that have been used for the disc-friction facings, including asbestos in the past.

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  • Modern clutches typically use compound organic resin with copper wire facing or a ceramic material. Ceramic materials are typically used in heavy applications such as racing or heavy-duty hauling, though the harder ceramic materials increase flywheel and pressure plate wear. Asbestos has been classified as unsafe and is generally not as common in modern day clutched.
  • Semi-metallic materials: A variety of metals including steel, iron and copper are used which only make up 30% to 65% of the final product. These clutches are harder, have a high heat resistance and are durable. The coefficient of friction is between 0.23 and 0.38 which is relatively low. These pads are reliable for heavy loads but not for high speed.
  • Ceramic materials: Contains organic and inorganic with other modifiers which include glass, rubber, carbon and Kevlar. The coefficient of friction is relatively high, between 0.33 and 0.4. This material is used in machines which are larger and require a more intense application; such as press brake , and in wind energy.
  • Organic materials is the most common type of material used, being capable for all round use in a variety of applications which have different specifications such as size. High copper content within these organic materials increases the heat transfer and effectively makes the clutch more reliable.
  • A number of paired combinations of these materials may be used for different parts of the clutch which best suits the type of application to ensure the best strength and durability.

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