Low Inertia Pneumatic Friction Clutch & Brake Unit

Low Inertia Pneumatic Friction Clutch & Brake Unit

Haryana Engineering Works

Impress combined air clutch and brake units offer a combination of advantages. The unit is designed for use in power presses, shearing machines and press brakes. Positive air cooling with built-in ventilating system stays cool even with fast operation single stroking. No adjustment or lubrication is required. If there is failure in air supply, clutch disengages and the brake is automatically applied. Brake is automatically released when the air clutch is engaged. This eliminates possibilities of brake and clutch working against each other. Engagement and disengagement are accomplished with a minimum volume of air because of extremely short piston travel of both the clutch and brake. This faster operating characteristic is helpful in larger percentage of clutch engagements for higher production. The clutch and brake are easily accessible for service and maintenance. Complete disassembly can be done quickly without disturbing any other parts such as shaft and bearings. The air supply to the clutch and brake can be adjusted with the pressure regulator conveniently. Since clutch torque is proportionate to air pressure, the clutch capacity can be matched to the load requirement of any dies. The products carry a 2-year guarantee.

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