Clutch Brake Combination

Clutch Brake Combination

Nico Magnetic

Nico Magnetic offers various models of Clutch Brake Combination that are used for special applications. The clutch portion of the combination engaged for the air pressure application whereas engagement of the brake occurs in the absence of air pressure. Different models are available to stop and start either the pilot (sprocket) or the shaft. Some of its features include soft start, bored to suit easy installation, single air inlet-air engaged clutch, spring engaged brake, factory installed pulley, sprocket or V-belt sheave available and catalog standard clutch-brakes. Nico Magnetic is manufacturer and supplier of wide gamut of clutches and brakes including AC brakes, brake parts, clutch brake combination, single shaft clutch brakes, spring applied brakes, single shaft clutches, bearing mounted clutches, clutch parts and electromagnetic brakes and clutches. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and well equipped lab and R&D set up. It offers customised solutions and timely delivery. The finished brakes and clutches go through torque test, laboratory and field testing, friction test in wet and dry condition, virtual testing and hardness testing.

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