Brakes, Single-Disc Electromagnetic

Brakes, Single-Disc Electromagnetic

Vortex Engineering Works

Vortex Engineering Works manufactures a complete range of electromagnetic single-disc clutches and brakes for a wide variety of applications. Designed for dry use, these clutches and brakes are characterized by the following features: zero backlash for accurate positioning; long-life asbestos-free friction material; zero drag torque when disengaged, permitting use at very high handling speeds; ideal for high cycling duties; efficient magnetic coil design, reducing power consumption and heat generation; special heat-treated armature disc for longer life cycle; and various clutch/brake configurations are available as per mounting requirements and constraints specified by the customer. These are available in a wide size range, of 16 different sizes from 0.2 N-m to 2400 N-m, ideal for wide range of applications.

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