Brakes & Clutches, Pneumatic/Hydraulic

Brakes & Clutches, Pneumatic/Hydraulic

Vortex Engineering Works

Vortex Engineering Works is a leading manufacturer and exporter of electromagnetic clutches and brakes for a wide variety of applications from the space to sea and all in between. Apart from the wide range that it manufactures in India, the company also represents some of the major European clutch/brake and transmission producers. Coremo Ocmea (Italy), an ISO 9001:2000 company, manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic brakes and clutches for industrial and marine applications. The caliper brake is available in a wide product range including manual, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes. These are also available in the failsafe version (spring applied) for safety and emergency applications. Braking force ranges from 150 to 42.000 N. Applications are in construction machines, port crane/tower crane/overload crane, oil drilling rigs, off shore winches, conveyors, photo voltaic cells, steel and aluminium mills, paper mills/tissue slitting rewinders, unwinders for corrugated paper boards, printing and packing machines, textile and tanning machines, test benches for engines, wire and cable machines, steel and aluminium mills, textile machinery, converting machines, packaging, lifting systems, ship propulsion systems, etc. All models equipped with linings wear compensation system, inclined mounting kit and pads self-alignment system. Available accessories are linings wear indicator, on/off indicator. SG iron discs are available ex stock.

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