Brakes – Band/Drum/Disc/Wet Multi Disc Types

Brakes – Band/Drum/Disc/Wet Multi Disc Types

Vortex Engineering Works

Vortex Engineering Works is a leading manufacturer and exporter of electromagnetic clutches and brakes for a wide variety of applications from the space to sea and all in between. Apart from the wide range that it manufactures in India, the company also represents some of the major European clutch/brake and transmission producers. Knott-Brake Technology, Germany is a world leader in construction, mining and material handling equipment’s braking solutions. It manufactures band brakes, drum brakes, disc brakes and wet multi disc brakes for agricultural tractors, harvesters, forestry equipment, construction, material handling and mining vehicles. The range of hydraulic drum brakes is available in servo and simplex version (the drum diameter ranges from 160 to 500 mm). Hydraulic servo brakes having significant higher brake forces at low actuation forces and hydraulic simplex brakes enable a parking brake function without clearance. Also, cam shaft drum brakes that can be actuated by either mechanical or an external hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. This enables a combination from service and parking brake. Another product is the wet multi disc brakes. These oil cooled multi disc brakes are available in multi and mono servo version. Also the friction materials, number of discs, disc geometries, wedge angle and ramp angle can be varied which allows to design and engineer a brake specifically to the customer’s braking comfort. Apart from sizes 6.5", 8.75" and 9.5", the company has extended its program by a 10" wet multi disk brake, which was developed particularly for the use in heavy agricultural tractors. The 10" brake is as usual available in mono and servo version and allows brake torques up to 12000 Nm.

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