Spring Applied Brake

Spring Applied Brake

Emco Dynatorq Private Limited (Formerly Emco Lenze Private Limited )

Emco Dynatorq offers a DC Spring Applied Brake unit, Type 14.458, designed to perform holding as well as emergency stopping functions (normally On), making it particularly well-suited for brake motor applications. These brakes are electro-magnetically actuated single disk with two friction surfaces. The braking power is applied by means of compression springs. The braking torque is generated in the no power or in event of power failure condition. These brakes are having torque up to 5000 Nm. Brakes are available in various versions as per application needs. Special versions like brake with micro switch, tacho mounting provision, with centring flange, etc., can be also supplied. Brakes are also available for low temperature (-20?C) applications. Emco flame proof – fail safe brakes have been specially designed for high toxic and hazardous environment in the industries where non flame proof equipments are not recommended for safety reasons. These products have approval and certification by Central Mining Research Institute (CMFRI) for Gas group-I and gas group-II-A and II-B for zone 1 & 2 areas, suitable for T6 temperature zone. Emco marine duty stands approved IP-66 protection by the Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA). These are specially designed and recommended for industries manufacturing shipyard and docks, and in other areas like cement, mining where protection is against water and dust.

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