Electronic Motor Brake For Flame-Proof Motors

Electronic Motor Brake For Flame-Proof Motors

Precise Controls

The Electronic motor brake is used for stopping 3-phase AC motor. After the motor is switched off, it keeps on rotating which is called inertia. During this period DC voltage is applied to the stator winding. It develops stationary magnetic field and the motor stops. The braking is smooth and noiseless. There is no friction for braking. It offers high reliability since it has solid state operation. The unit converts AC voltage into controlled DC voltage. The torque and time of braking are adjustable by preset potentiometers. The unit is mounted in the electrical control panel. The retrofitting of the brake to existing system is very easy. The cable between motor and starter remains same. The SCR and diodes used are of high voltage. There are various electronic timers used. The brake contactor is used as offload isolating contactor. It does not brake the DC current and avoids spark across the contactor. The braking system is suitable for flame-proof motor. It does not develop arcs and the brake is mounted away from the motor. Hence this brake can be used for flame-proof applications. In some of the applications electronic brake is used for stopping the motor and electromagnetic brake is used for holding the motor at rest. It changes the duty cycle of the electromagnetic brake from braking to holding. Hence the system becomes a very safe braking system. The electronic motor brakes have applications in industries like cement, food processing, materials handling, rubber, textile, oil and gas.

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