Clutch/Brake Combination, Enclosed

Clutch/Brake Combination, Enclosed

Mod E-Tech Engineering Private Limited

Modimaz Engineers manufactures Maxitorq brand Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake combination, enclosed type. The unit can be used for continuous start/stop function in any drive transmission arrangement of any machine or mechanism. Generally the drive is from an electric motor or such other device. The standard unit comes with an input and output shaft, which can be coupled with any other input and output shaft or other items. These are generally base mounted types. Flange mounted option for either input or output or both is also available and hollow shaft instead of solid shaft in input or output or both is also available, which facilitates an outside driving or driven shaft to be inserted inside the unit. The basic operation is when a DC voltage is applied to the clutch the input and output sides get coupled and the input side’s drive is transmitted to the output. When the supply to the clutch is switched off and toggled to the brake the output side is held immediately in its position whilst the input keeps rotating and gets decoupled. This operation can be performed repetitively for a high frequency of operations up to 50-60 cycles per minute. The salient feature are, simple installation, ready to use factory fitted and aligned, completely enclosed aluminium body for good heat dissipation and light weight, low maintenance, long life, rugged durable and reliable uniform operations, etc. These have wide applications in many fields such as packaging, textile, printing, copying, coil winding and other machines, material handling, assembly line and conveyor applications, FFS and auger filling machines, capping bottling, sealing operations, winding machines, etc. These are available in various sizes and capacities.

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