Clutch Brake Combination Units

Clutch Brake Combination Units

Walpha Engineering

Walpha Engineering manufactures Clutch Brake Combination units that are in an encased body and are ready to fit assemblies. These units can be supplied of various design foot mounted or flange mounted. These units are fitted with single disc stationary field electromagnetic clutches and brakes which have no working air gaps and are virtually maintenance free. These units are advantageous to fit where separate clutches and brakes are difficult to fit or it is too time consuming. These units are simple to fit ready to assemble, totally enclosed, having good heat dissipation through increased surface area, long life, high operating frequency, simple wear compensation adjustment and high operating reliability. These units are manufactured from 0.7 kgm torque to 40 kgm torque, and are used in packaging machines, textile machines, conveyors, machine tools, pharmaceutical machines, special purpose machines and for various other applications. Walpha Engineering, established in 1975, is the brainchild of a well experienced technocrat and a qualified mechanical engineer, the company started with an aim to develop and manufacture electromagnetic and mechanical clutches and clutch plates for machine tool applications. The company manufactures more than 150 different types of multi disc clutches/brakes for industrial application as per international standards. It is also an original equipment (OE) supplier to almost all leading machine tool manufacturers in India. The company manufactures clutches/brakes equivalent to those manufactured by leading companies all over the world like ZF, Stromag and Heid, Monninghoff, Warner and other manufacturers from Russia, etc. The company also offers Mechanical Clutches, Single & Double Acting, Multi Disc Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes etc.

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