AC Electromagnetic Brakes

AC Electromagnetic Brakes

Orton Engineering Private Limited

Orton offers AC Electromagnetic Brakes. These brakes are suitable for A.C. supply upto 440V & are available for a wide range of Drum Sizes from 100mm to 400mm diameter. These brakes are available with rated torque ranging from 130Kg. for the smallest brake (100mm dia drum), upto 6900 Kg. cms. (400mm dia. drum)

Base & Brakes are Cast Iron high grade, Shoes are self-aligned, easily removable with fabric lining fixed with aluminum rivets. Magnet is solenoid type with laminated magnetic circuit having pole faces to ensure quiet operation.

Compression springs provide the necessary working pressure to apply the brake. Release is effected by a single phase electromagnet. A hand release lever is fitted to the lock brake in the "off" position when required.

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