Brake Cleaners

Brake Cleaners

Advance Petrochemicals Limited

Advance Petrochemicals Ltd is engaged in manufacturing Brake Cleaners. Cleaning of the brake components is necessary to maintain proper functioning and performance of the brakes. An air or steam blowing is recommended but it has limitations so a chemical cleaning is preferred within the parameters. The brake cleaner is a solvent type cleaner. It loosens, dissolves and/or washes away accumulated oil and particulate contamination, etc., on brake components. It quickly dissolves the oil and wets the dirt or dust, etc., to remove effectively. The brake cleaner does not attack brake system components (e.g., rubber hoses, wheel cylinder boots, and the like) and other vehicle components, (e.g., body side mouldings, paint, plastics, wheels and tires), during use. It has low toxicity, acceptable odour, acceptable dry time, and excellent cleaning performance. Advance Petrochemicals Ltd is one of the most distinguished manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a diverse range of products such as rubber products, conveyor belts, coated fabrics, printing blankets and PTFE products. In addition, the company also offers industrial chemicals that are used across different industries such as aviation, textile, chemical, petroleum, automotive, etc. All products are customisable as per the requirements and demands of the clients.

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