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Water purifier

Pondicherry-based U K Gems is a pioneer in the manufacture of ozone based water and air purification systems. These air and water purification systems are based on ozone technology, which is familiar Read more


Modi Multi Products Company offers Water Purifiers, Modi Pure. It is a countertop seven-stage water purifier in which the raw water passes through seven stages for purification purpose. The seven stag Read more

Water Purifier For Commercial Use

Moniba Anand Electricals manufactures ultra violet water purifier in different capacities for commercial/industrial use. This purifier works on the principle of ultra violet rays. The unit is built wi Read more

Water Feed Solenoid Valves For Washing Machines & Water Purifiers

Globeplast offers pilot operated, diaphragm type water feed solenoid valves, designed and developed specifically to meet harsh tropical demands. These valves find applications in washing machines (dom Read more


Spectrum Water Treatments manufactures ultraviolet water purifiers. These machines are used for various applications, ie, for domestic purpose: compact model which has an output of 60-120 ltr/hr; for Read more

Water purifier, microprocessor controlled

Ace Hygiene Product offers Ewater, a Water filtration and purification system. It has 3 stages of purification. First, water enters a specially designed Bacteriostatic Advanced Filtration ystem. A mul Read more

UF Water Purifiers

Permionics (India), with over eleven types of membranes in its production range, has been able to custom design and tailor make membranes and systems to suit any potential and viable application. The Read more


Modi Multiproducts offers Water Purifiers. It is used for Industrial applications. It supplies water, which is the most safe and pure. It uses the latest Reverse Osmosis technology that removes all bi Read more

Water Purifiers

Ganga Enviro Systems offers Water Purifiers, Steri Pure. It is an instantaneous healthcare water purification system. It is a solution provider for some of the basic problems in water purification. Read more

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Krona Liquatec offers Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, Under Sink. The under sink model reverse osmosis water purifier is a high output water purification system. It is recommended both for homes and o Read more

Water Purifiers

Riya Impex offers a Water Purifier. It is a ultrafiltration purifier for 100% pure & safe drinking water. This water purifying technology is now branded as Dolphin UF, which is based on the unique ult Read more

Water Purifiers

Ultimate Solutions offers Water Purifiers. These water purifiers are based on patented mineral RO technology, which removes even dissolved impurities while retaining essential minerals and offers doub Read more