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Paper Shredder With Cd/Credit Card Cutter

Paper shredder with CD/credit card cutter is a new offering from Mahendra Sales Corporation, a highly versatile product for offices, software professionals, defense establishments, banks, etc., for gi Read more

Paper Folding Machinery

Origami Technologies offers Paper Folding Machinery. The company also offers Paper Mill Machinery, Parallel Paper Folding Machines, Parallel Folding Machines, Cross Folding Machines, Automatic Vertica Read more

Coolant Filter Fabrics/Papers

Moondra & Sons offers coolant filter fabrics in polypropylene in widths up to 3,000 mm, packed in roll form. These special imported nonwoven polypropylene fabrics can have thicknesses chequered from 0 Read more

Paper Band Cum Magnetic Coolant Filter

Mag Tools offers paper band cum magnetic coolant filters fabricated in steel. The entire unit is fixed on a coolant tank with a pump to supply coolant to the machine. The contaminated coolant liquid i Read more

Bottom Slitter Knives For Use In Paper Mills

S K Beri offers bottom slitter knives for use in paper industry. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for heavy duty operation. These knives are compatible with most popular rewinders a Read more

Solo Hole Sticks for Filed Papers

Filex Systems, the premier stationery manufacturer and leader in office accessories, offers Hole Stick, a plastic washer like sticker designed to protect filed paper from tearing off from the punched Read more

Coolant Filter Fabrics/Papers

Garuda Nonwovens offers coolant filter fabrics/papers, Model PPS. These nonwoven coolant filter fabrics/papers made of PP, with good wet and dry strength, are available in width of 500 mm to 2000 mm, Read more

Paper Band Filter

Spark Tools offer Paper Band Filter, where filtration takes place by gravity through filter paper spread over an endless conveyor. When the paper is clogged by contaminants, the coolant level raises a Read more

Paper Band Filters

Universal Precision Tools, with over two decades of experience in filtration technology offers the best of filtration systems. The paper band filters are designed to handle both ferrous and non ferrou Read more

Programmer For Paper Cutting Machine

OMNICUT CNC is a state of the art CNC for cutting machines. It is a microprocessor based system with international standard features and offers a functional and viable import substitute. This Con Read more