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Earth Leakage Relay

The earth leakage relay operates on the core balance principle wherein the currents in the three phases of the system are summed by a core balance CT, which for normal conditions equates to zero. In c Read more

Electronic Earth Leakage Relay

Earth leakage currents can cause earth fault, sparking, flash over, and deterioration of earthing. These conditions often result in catastrophic fires which destroy life and property. It is therefore, Read more

Earth Leakage Relay

Earth Leakage Relay is developed based on IC technology. It protects electrical systems from fire and other electrical hazards. The unit consists of two parts - basic relay and core balance current Read more

Earth Leakage Relay

OZR Electro Technics manufactures earth leakage relays. These are very useful for protection of electrical installations against fire hazards. The current flowing into the system is monitored by CBCT Read more

Earth Leakage Relay

Prok Devices offers earth leakage relay (ELR), a protective device which detects earth leakage currents in an electrical system. This protects electrical power system from damage, fire hazard, etc. To Read more

Earth leakage relay

Navago manufactures earth leakage relay in ELR and ELR-2 types. This relay is used on AC systems and is a sensitive electronic protection device. Its operation on earth fault is independent of the sys Read more

Intelligent Earth Leakage Relay

ElMeasure's ‘intelligent earth leakage relay’ (iELR) replaces conventional ELR which works with the settings through the potentiometers/DIP switches. Problem with this kind of relays ar Read more

Earth Leakage Relay

Sahyadri Electro Controls offers an earth leakage relay. Specifications: 96 ABS plastic enclosure; suitable for both panel and projection mounting; settings through knob; high accuracy and sensi Read more

Earth Leakage Relays

Lovato Electric offers Earth Leakage Relays. Features: modular, flush and internal panel mount version, with or without flag indicator, configurable pre-alarm indication and fail safe operation; versi Read more

Earth Leakage Relay

Among various kinds of protection relays, Earth Leakage Relay, model ELR-D is used for continuous surveillance of the earth leakage current which causes generation of heat and progressive failure o Read more