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Epoxy Paint

Tuff Coat Polymers Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers Epoxy Paint, Tuff Coat EP-101. This is a two- component system, designed to cross-link at room temperature as well as low temper Read more

Epoxy Paint

Nano Polycoat manufacturers of Epoxy Paint. Epoxy is polymer materials that begin as liquids and are chemically changed into a solid. This kind of paints is available in two different types – singl Read more


Epoxy Paint

Geneous Paint Private Limited offers Epoxy Paint. Maintenance Coating, Marine Finishes, Tank Lining, Concrete Coating, Interior pipe Coating,All Other Protective Coating, Pipe Line / Cylinder Coati Read more

Epoxy Paint System

Special purpose two-part epoxy paints, zinc rich and regular primers are available. These are ideally suited for water proofing, crack sealing, industrial flooring and a variety of other applicatio Read more

Epoxy Paints

Shri Swami Samarth Paints offer Epoxy Paints. It has a good acid & alkali resistance hence used in chemical environments to reduce corrosion on steel/ M.S surface. It is a two-pack product where base Read more

Epoxy Paints

Grand Polycoats Co. Pvt. Ltd. offer Epoxy Paints, GP-HISOLS-272. Two-component air-drying high build High Solids Epoxy Polyamine cured coating available in select industrial shades.

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Epoxy Paint, Water Based

Wasser Polymer Pvt Ltd offers a wide variety of water based Epoxy Paints. These paints are extensively recommended for use on steel, galvanised steel, masonry, concrete, drywall and non-ferrous metals Read more

Food Grade Epoxy Paints

Food Grade Epoxy Paints are the derivative of Epoxies conjunctions with Amine Adducts, Poly amide, Polyamines etc. They provide air drying, salt water Resistant Finish and anti-Corrosive coating, it a Read more

Varlac Coal Tar Epoxy Paint

Varuna Paints Pvt Ltd offers Varlac Coal Tar Epoxy Paint. It is an Epoxy system modified with coal tar. It is chemically curing. Is a two pack system and is air drying. Very resistant to chemicals, Read more

Epoxy Paints

Neo Pack Plast (India) Pvt Ltd offers Epoxy Paints. Epoxy Paints are 'Epoxy' based top coat offering good resistance to water and humidity. These products are designed to offer superior corrosion p Read more