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Air Purifier

Aquazone Systems & Engineering offers an air purifier with next generation ozone technology, for home and work environment. Ozotron creates fresh air & destroys micro-organisms including bacteria, vir Read more

Air Purifier

The Air Purifier is one of the smallest and strongest cleaner that is portable and easy to maintain, with an outstanding performance, function and design. Features: it is patented invention that the w Read more

Air Purifier

Enage Co., Ltd, Korea, offers an air purifier, Model AirVita. This is an air purifier creating Anion by method of plasma potential difference electric discharge that does not require filters. AirVita Read more

De-Odourizer & Air Purifier

Ozone or active oxygen is nature's air purifier created by lightning. Zeebeetronics offers Purezone, an electronic device that recreates this cleaning power within any indoor environment and removes c Read more

Electronic Ioniser & Air Purifier

Dhakar Engineers offers an electronic ioniser and air purifier. This is a solid state electronic device that generates negative ions. Negatively charged ions constantly clean inside air of pollution, Read more


Just Proper offers Air Purifier Cum Smoke Arresters. It works with a very simple principle that all the floating dust or smog is cleaned in aromatic water and exchange polluted air with washed clean a Read more

Breathing Air Purifiers

CATALITE CBA Series breathing air purifiers are engineered to supply Grade D breathing air for flows from 15 to 940 scfm in accordance to the following standards:·

Ecotypic Car Air Purifier

Atlanta Health Care offers Ecotypic Car Air Purifier, Gamapure Car model. High purification performances are traps particles like pollen, dust, allergens, pet dander at more than 99.2%, break down poi Read more

Ecotypic Air Purifier

Ecotypic Air Purifier, Alfa 351-A is intended for normal domestic/household use only. The precautions of the Alfa 351-A are

Environment Regeneration Commercial Air Purifier

Atlanta Health Care offers Environment Regeneration Commercial Air Purifier, Gama-651. Its have HEPA filter, made of the new PP raw material and static fibre glass with the theine distillate which can Read more

Air Bathing Indoor Air Purifier

Air Bathing Indoor Air Purifier, Gama-501, the photo catalyst is made of semiconductor TiO2 which can oxidate the red cell of the bacterial so it can restrain the activity of the bacterial. The HEPA i Read more

Ecotypic Commercial Air Purifier

Ecotypic Commercial Air Purifier, Pure Zone-651, the UV anti-bacteria technology is adopts the characters for killing bacteria of UV, and combines the structure of the unit for air filtration and it c Read more

Sterilised Air Purifier

Mankastu Impex offers a Sterilised Air Purifier. Like food and water, the air too has a great impact on the human state of health. Human beings spend 90% of their lives indoors, where according to EPA Read more