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Three-Phase Line Reactors

The RM Series.3-phase line reactors offer a utfiversal mounting design for interchangeability with other available live reactors. They are for use where problems such as nuisance tripping, harmonic di Read more

Automatic Lab Reactor & Reaction Colorimeter in One

Mettler-Toledo offers RCle, an automatic lab reactor and reaction calorimeter in one. It provides calorimetric measured values such as heat production rates, enthalpies of reaction, heat transport dat Read more

SAFF Reactors

Praneet Enviroquips, is a young enterprise established in 1984 to provide consultancy, design and development of equipment, laboratory, chemical and biological commissioning process and related servic Read more

Titanium and Zirconium Reactors

In many areas, the conventional glass lined and rubber lined reactors are replaced by titanium, zirconium or tantalum lined, cladded or solid reactors. Similarly, pipings can also be made out of titan Read more

Gas-induction reactors

Omega-Kemix is a leading manufacturer of gas induction reactors and static mixing equipment. In the process industry, many chemical reactions are carried out between liquids/slurries and gases. Till r Read more

Harmonic filter reactors

Neptune India Limited makes harmonic filter reactors that possess properties such as low temperature rise and lower flux density so that it can operate in worst conditions and harmonic overloads. Thes Read more

Detuned Reactors & Transformers

Gauss Electromagnetics offers Detuned Reactors. It is used for capacitors up to 200 kVAr, detuned at 187 Hz. Other products are shunt reactors for capacitors test jigs, line chokes of drives, satur Read more

Pilot Plant Reactors

Surya Industrial Equipments manufactures Pilot Plant Reactors. This is available on all capacities based on requirements. Custom made equipment for chemical, bulk drugs, pharmaceutical, paints and res Read more

Three-Phase Filter Reactors

EPCOS India offers Three-Phase Filter Reactor. Range: effective filter output 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr, filtering factor. 5.67%, 7%, 14%. Rated voltage: 3 PH 440 V. Features: highest linearity, low risk of Read more

Membrane Bio Reactor

The Membrane Bio Reactors are used for waste water/sewage treatment and recycle. These membrane bio reactors (MBR) are designed to produce high quality treated water from wastewater, with highest poss Read more