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Ladder Technology for Wind Turbines

Hailo Sagar Wind Systems offers the renowned Hailo (Germany) Ladder Technology for Wind Turbines. It offers a wide range of aluminium vertical ladders with options of fall protection systems; ladder a Read more

Service Lifts For Wind Turbines

Sagar Asia, the market leader for Wind Tower Ladders, is the first and currently the only manufacturer of CE certified Service Lifts for Wind Turbines in India. Using Sagar Asia's service lifts, the s Read more

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

The CHEMPURE Rooftop Wind Turbines are installed as a complete working system, which includes the turbine, mounting structure and brackers, all electronic controls and wiring connections. The syste Read more

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Chempure offers vertical axis Roof top wind turbines which are highly efficient and can operate at low wind speeds. Aesthetically designed, the standard Capacities ranges from 300 W to 10 KW.

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