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Spray Equipment, Two Component

Model Cheetah from V R Coatings is two-component spray equipment. The range is designed for tough working conditions and is suitable for two component high viscosity, solvent less, low solvent, sem Read more

Vertical Turning Centre With Two Parallel Spindles

Scherer-Feinbau introduces a vertical turning centre with two parallel spindles which can be moved individually in two axes, thus allowing for two-sided machining or simultaneous machining of two work Read more

Car Lift, Two Post Type

Neptune Equipment offers a two post lift for cars, TPL 250, for workshop use. It is a highly sophisticated development in the field of modern garage/workshop equipment. It is designed as per internati Read more

Bending Machine for Bending in Two Directions

The Bema tube bending machine allows bending in the right and left direction in the same cycle. It is electrically and hydraulically operated and completely automatic on five axes: C-D (right bending) Read more

Structural Adhesive, Two-Component

Hi-LOC 1053 is a two-component reactive structural adhesive, an all-purpose structural adhesive. It cures within 8-10 minutes in room temperature and 10~15 minutes below 20?C; after curing the adhesiv Read more

Valve, two way speed and flow control

Success Hydroparts manufactures a wide range of valves for industrial applications. Two way speed and flow control valve, type MSF, is independent of pressure and temperature fluctuation. General feat Read more

Light/Sightglass Eliminates Expense Of Two Ports

Papailias Incorporated offers a light/sightglass, which eliminates expense of two ports. The Series Slex/Nw Light/Sightglass combination eliminates the expense of a second sight glass normally used in Read more

Clutch, two speed

Electromatic Engineers has introduced electromagnetic two speed clutches. These can be used where instantaneous speed change is required. These are easy to mount, give smooth transmission and have rug Read more

Thread Rolling Machines, Two Roll Type

Hardev Hydraulics is a well-known name in the field of 2- and 3-roller thread rolling machines and flat die thread rolling machines for manufacture of thread and worms, knurls, serrations, etc. The co Read more

Vapour Honing Machine For Crank Pin Of Two Wheeler Automobiles

Mecshot Blasting Equipments has successfully engineered and supplied vapour honing machines for achieving surface finish of 0.8 to 3.0 Ra in microns on crank pins of two wheeler automotives at both Read more