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Audio Line Matching Transformers

Miracle Electronic offers audio line matching transformers. These transformers are used to match the impedance of the loudspeaker or a number of loudspeakers to the optimum load of the tube or transis Read more

Voltage Auto Transformers

Varivolt auto transformer is a continuously variable voltage auto transformer, having a movable carbon tip, fixed to brush arm sliding on a silver plated commutator. Rotation of the brush arm by ei Read more

Windings For Transformers

Shankar Brazing Works, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is India?s biggest manufacturer transformer bushing metal parts, bus bars, jumpers, crimping, sockets, transformers LV windings, etc. The com Read more

Power Transformers

Different types of transformers such as distribution transformer, dry type transformer (VPI), converter duty transformer, earthing transformer, furnace transformer, power transformer and rectifier tra Read more

Diagnostic Tool For Motors & Transformers

All Tester from Vivid Metrawatt, is a versatile tool for the motors and transformer users, manufacturers and repairers. One can use it either as a diagnostic help on faulty or suspected machines or as Read more

Paper Covering Machine For Transformers, (Close Type)

Indraa Engineers made a foray in the field of manufacturing paper covering and taping machines in 1976, and is best known for reliable manufacturing of any types of such machines. The company offers p Read more

Current Transformers

MECO-G is a renowned manufacturer of LV Current Transformers, having over 35 years of experience. CTs are manufactured using high grade CRGO torroidal cores, carefully processed in neutral atmosphere, Read more


Distribution Transformers

Kirloskar Electric Co Ltd offers power and distribution transformers conforming to IS: 2026/IEC:76, in mineral oil filled types, and 105 C temperature class. Their features include robust design to Read more

Distribution Transformers, Single Phase

Danish Private Limited is one of India?s leading manufacturers of power/distribution/single phase transformers and substation protection equipment. The company manufactures single phase wound core dis Read more

Dry Type Transformers

Argo Transformers is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of transformers. Dry type transformers are excellent fire resistant and sensationally low combustion transformers. These are safe Read more