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Condensor Cooling & Evaporator Motors / Double Shaft Motors

Rexnord Electronics & Controls, with technical know-how from Italian manufacturers, manufactures condenser cooling and evaporator motors. The input is 5, 7, 10, 16 and 25 W, and speed 1350/1500 RPM Read more

Long Shaft Motors

Mica Sales and Engineering offers Mother Long Shaft Motors, long shaft oven motors B35. The company’s standard most popular model is 0.18KW2PB35L125. Oven Motor is copper wound, with thermal over load Read more

Double Side Shaft Motor

Electromotive Power Drives Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of double side shaft motors. These motors have a dual output shaft. The motor is designed with a heavy duty bearing system capable of handling Read more


Hallow Shaft Motor

Nav Jyot Engineering Works offers a wide assortment of Vertical & foot Hallow Shaft Motor, These hallow shaft motors are customized on several specifications of customers. They manufactured these h Read more