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Electric Actuator, DEC Series

DEC 1700 series are reversing proportional motors used to operate dampers or valves in electric modulating circuits. These electric actuators are designed to meet the requirement of damper control, Read more

Conveying System, BCS Series

Conveying System, BCS Series comes from Bry-Air conveying system, automates resin conveying reducing down time and increasing up time, thus, reducing costs and improving competitive edge: no spilla Read more

Monoblock Pump, JMBP Series

JMBP Series Monoblock Pumps are of non overloading power characteristics, hence no fear of overloading of motor at any operating point. All rotating parts are dynamically balanced, resulting in vib Read more

Rotary Gear Pumps with Double Helical Gears, JGP Series

Series JGP pump are multi purpose rotary gear pumps with double helical gears. These are self-priming pumps with 5 mtr suction and compact in size. The company manufactures a vast range of pumps in Read more

Capillary Rheometers, Rheograph Series

Capillary rheometers, Rheograph Series 25, 75 and 120 with CAN-bus electronics, introduced by Goettfert are meant for a higher degree of automation. These multi functional, high pressure, user frie Read more

Operator Interfaces, G3 Kadet Series

The G3 Kadet? Operator Interface Series from Red Lion Controls Inc, is based on the company's popular G3 line of touchscreen HMIs, and delivers a value-based alternative solution for applications t Read more

Digital Oscilloscope Meter, SMH Series

The SMH series 3-in-1 hand held Digital Oscilloscope meter is ideally suited to meet the needs of engineers and technicians for field application. It has a colour backlit LCD with a bandwidth of 20 Read more

Waste Water Pumps, Waste Water/Unclog Series

Waste Water/Unclog Series waste water pumps are used for dewatering applications where water is contaminated with solid particles. Darling Pumps is an ISO 9001:2000 company with over 35 years of exper Read more

Fuel Pumps, Al Series

SUNTEC world leader in the field of Fuel Pumps for Pressure Jet Burners, supplies domestic, commercial and industrial Oil Burners in Europe and through out the world. Suntec manufactures more than 400 Read more

Ph Testers, Waterproof Series

Eutech Instruments, Holland, offers a waterproof range of pH testers, pHScan Series. This represents the latest in waterproof pH testers. At the heart of these waterproof testers is an ASIC (applicati Read more