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Dry Bearing Test Rig

The Production Engineering Department of Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune, has designed and developed a unique ‘Dry Bearing Test Rig’ to measure coefficient of friction and wear und Read more

Air Leak Test Rig

SPMIL manufactures air leak test rigs for auto components, viz, cylinder head, cylinder block, assembled cylinder head, assembled engine, petrol tank, or any pressurised/fluid reservoirs. They are des Read more

Valve Test Rig Controller

Polytronics valve test rig controller has been specially designed for automatic life cycle or leakage testing of different types of control valves. It is useful for industrial valve manufacturers. The Read more

Test Rigs

Indo Hydraulics manufactures test rigs for wire ropes and chains. These have a pulling force up to 100 tonnes, hose pipe pressure testing up to 10,000 PSI, and screw torque test up to 6000 kgf metre. Read more

Brake Shoe Adhesive Test Rig

SPM (India) manufactures brake shoe adhesive test rig. The rig is designed to test the bonded brake shoes and lining assembly for shear/adhesive strength of rivet/adhesive. The equipment consists of h Read more

Self-Reversing Right-Angle Tapping Head

The RSR seIf-reversing tapping attachment for fouraxis CNC lathes is said to be the first and only self-reversing tapping attachment for right angle applications. Tapmatic"s "Constant Speed" design de Read more

Semi rigid ducts

Ventilation Engineering Co is a manufacturer of ventilation ducts made from PVC coated polyester fabric. Rhino brand semi rigid ducts (for both exhausting and blowing) and flexible (only for blowing) Read more

Low halogen SFT rigid PVC conduits

Precision Plastics Industries offers a full range of PVC products and accessories. The breakthrough range of low halogen SFT conduits uses superior fire-fighting properties and greater safety features Read more

Cryogenic Endurance Test Rig

Automation & Control Technics offers a cryogenic endurance test rig, Model ACT-CRYO-07, for endurance testing of auto-components. This product is uniquely designed and developed with the state-of-the- Read more

Shaft coupling, torsionally rigid

This shaft coupling connects two shafts to transmit torque, motion, etc. It is a coupling which can adjust itself to misalignment of two shaft connected by it. Misalignment may be angular, parallel or Read more