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Anti Corrosion Linings & Primer for Steel Structures

XPL-1610from Wearresist Technologies is a low viscosity holding primer for steel surfaces allowing for extremely long overcoat windows. It can also be used as a sealer to hold the blast surface bef Read more

Zinc Chrome Metal Primer Aerosol Spray

Promtech Chemicals offers Aerosol Spray. It is with different compositions. Zinc chrome metal primer aerosol spray is fast drying. It offers excellent sealing coat/ overcoat on mild steel surface; Read more


Gujan Paints offers Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Primers. It is epoxy-based. It is a generic type, two component primer. Its composition is: polyamide/ polyamine cured epoxy primer containing zinc phospha Read more

Rust Converter Primers

Ecochem offers Rust Converter Primers, Magtan. It is an un-pigmented primer that stabilises firm rust by conversion to a more stable form of iron. This stability is the basis for the protection. It is Read more

Industrial Primers

Scot Products offers Industrial Primers. These are high quality primers that are developed as per customer specifications and requirements. The range of primers includes: thermoplastic rubber sole pri Read more

T.P.R. Primer

T.P.R. Primer is two component primer in the form of liquid and powder. It is colourless transparent solution. Its features are effective for halogenations of TPR soles and versatile primer solution f Read more

Epoxy Primer

Austin Paints & Chemicals is producing and supplying high quality Epoxy Primer that is widely used to prevent lifting of previously painted surfaces which looks very unpleasant. Formulated with superi Read more

Polyurethane Finish Primer

Austin Paints and Chemicals presenting an extensive range of Polyurethane Finish Primer that is known for its user friendly properties. Its solvent-based properties like rich coloration, perfect scrat Read more

Synthetic Primer

The array of Synthetic Primer that offers commonly used for filling and preventing of cracks in cement structures. Further, with essential water proofing qualities, it is used in waterproof wall plast Read more

Etch Primer With Hardener

Tuff Coat Polymers Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers Etch Primer with Hardener. This specification covers, 'Etching Primer' to be used specifically for engineering units. It covers Read more