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Portable Fire Pumps,High Capacity Petrol Version

Vijay Fire Protection Systems, manufacturers of a range of mobile fire fighting equipment, offers portable fire pumps. These are available in petrol or diesel versions. The petrol version consists of Read more

Rotating Unions For Petroleum Industry & Drilling Applications

Deublin of USA specialises in the manufacture of rotating unions. Petroleum mining operations require drilling rigs and all drilling rigs use air clutches and brakes. Deublin air service unions supply Read more

"FRP" Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

Sintex Industries Limited has two divisions - textiles and plastics. The plastics division, started in the year 1975, has the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in th Read more

Core Drilling Machine Petrol-cum Kerosene Engine

The machine shall be made from steel and shall be designed for laboratory coring in Concrete, Tiles, Asphalt, Paving Rocks and other similar hard materials both horizontally, vertically up and vert Read more

Valves For Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Southern Metals & Alloys offers compact, extremely reliable, versatile and foolproof self-closing Valves for Liquefied Petroleum Gas to be fitted on cylinders of water capacity 5 litres. These valves Read more

Machinery for Oil, Petroleum, Food & Pharma Industries

Flowchem Process Equipments offers a range of Machinery for Oil, Petroleum, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries and different types of confectionary process machinery. Custom made components are design Read more

Fuel/ Petroleum Flow Meters

Prism Instrumentation (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers Fuel/ Petroleum Flow Meters. These flow meters are used for measuring fuel, diesel, and other petroleum based liquids. The lithium battery powered electr Read more

Cut-Off Wheels for Petrol Cutting Saws

TYROLIT offers Cut-Off Wheels For Petrol Cutting Saws. Cutting materials on building sites with no electricity or limited infrastructure is a common challenge. Whether the material is reinforced st Read more

Compressed Air Petrol Pre Heating Equipment

The India Thermit Corporation Ltd offers Compressed Air Petrol Pre Heating Equipment. This system is designed for pre-heating the rail ends for welding by the alumino-thermic process. The joint is Read more

Bio Mileager Petrol Additive Starter Pack

Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt Lt offers Bio Mileager Petrol Additive Starter Pack. Bio Mileager is a Multifunctional additive with unique Detergent & dispersant formula for all petrol engines. Bio Read more