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Single Girder Overhead Cranes

ElectroMech single girder overhead cranes are manufactured in SWLs ranging from 250 kg to 32 MT in different configurations. Available in beam/box type main girders (dependent on spans), these cran Read more

Electric Overhead Cranes

Cursor Engineering Corporation offers electric overhead travelling cranes in different types and capacities. These cranes are either hand operated travel or electric operated travel type. They are des Read more

Single Girder Overhead Crane

The Single Girder Overhead Crane is suitable for light and medium duty applications. It is lightweight crane, which reduces load stress on building supports. Read more

Double Girder Overhead Crane

The Double Girder Overhead Crane is compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain. The crane uses sturdy cylindrical/ conical rotor pole-changing motors with elegant continuous Read more

Anti Collision Device For EOT Overhead Cranes

The BBTT EOT crane ACD (anti collision device) system as the name implies is a system engineered and designed to detect and avoid collision of two or more over-head cranes running on the same bay & Read more

Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Vikrant Equipments, an ISO9001-2000 company, manufactures cranes and hoists. The company offers Top Running/Double Girdr Overhead Cranes in capacity up to 100 tonnes, and span up to 30 metres. The Read more

Industrial Overhead Crane Multi-motion Drive System.

Avtron Industrial Overhead Crane drive systems provide new and retrofit AC and DC drive solutions for multi-motion applications. AC drives 230-690 VAC, 2300 PH. DC Drives 230V-1000V, 3000HP. Standard Read more

Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Vikrant Equipments manufactures Single Girder Overhead Cranes, which is designed in accordance with various IS standard specifications. The girders are not only designed for deflection and strength bu Read more

Service for Industrial Overhead Cranes

Cranedge India Pvt Ltd is a dedicated service organisation exclusively for providing post-sales services to crane users. As a specialist service provider, the company is equipped and backed by resourc Read more

Double Beam Overhead Crane

Ganesh Engineering offers Double Beam Overhead Crane. EOT Cranes they offer finds application in foundries, paper mills, steel plants, power plant, automobile industry, cement industry, plywood indust Read more