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Metrology Systems, Multi Sensor

Metrology Systems, Multi-Sensor comes from Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd is a Quality Vision International Company and specialises in the manufacture and design of non-contact and multi-sensor metrology Read more

Portable Equipment, WA Multi Surfacer Pendant D2

WA Multi Surfacer Pendant D2 Portable Equipment comes from Welding Alloys South Asia Pvt. Ltd. The Welding Alloys Group, founded in 1966, specialises in the design and manufacture of highly alloyed Read more

Gas Cutting Machine, Multicut

The Multicut double torch portable gas cutting machine can make straight line or circular cuts up to 150 mm; bevel cuts up to 45?; I, V and X bevel cuts; and twin torch parallel strip and flange cuts. Read more

Hydraulic Gear Pumps, Multi Stage

The Colt range of multi stage hydraulic gear pumps is available in single, tandem and triple versions with high volumetric efficiency. The body is made from high tensile aluminium extrusion to give Read more

Quick Release Couplings & Multiconnections for A/C, Refrigeration

Quick-Release Couplings & Multiconnections for A/C, Refrigeration comes from Faster Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. The company R&D team is constantly looking for new solutions, which can fully satisfy its cu Read more

Emergency Response System, Multi Apartment

V-Cop64 is 64-zone Emergency Management System. One can connect 64 wired sensors like Gas leak detectors, smoke detectors, panic switches, etc., in each flat of a building. In case of an emergency, Read more

Flue Gas Analysis Computer, Multilyzer NG

Multilyzer NG is the ideal solution for checking and servicing small and medium sized heating systems according to the German BlmSchV guidelines. Multilyzer NG can be used for CO concentration safe Read more

Gasket, Multi Swell Style

Garlock Multi-Swell style 3760 gasket stops leakage in gearboxes, compressors, pumps, lube oil systems and access covers. Comprising of aramid fibres with a proprietary rubber binder, ultra-tight seal Read more

Vice, Multi-Purpose

Sharp Tools has introduced precision right-angle clamping vices designed for quick and easy mounting, in 100 mm, 125 mm, and 150 mm sizes. These vices are made of good quality solid steel hardened and Read more

Automatic Multi-Station Spindle Drilling & Tapping Machine

Indu has developed an automatic four station multispindle drilling and tapping machine. The machine consists of four station rotary indexing turret head fixture for holding the component, drilling hea Read more