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Controller For Point To Point Motion Control

NYDEN Corporation offers SNC-4304-axis controller for point to point motion control or linear interpolation control of steppers and digital servos. The controller can be switched between S-curve and l Read more

Fibre-Optic Motion Controllers

The DSPro Series is a motion control line that offers dual processors with on-board DOS program execution. The Series includes board level motion controllers for ISA and VME buses as well as a standal Read more


PLC & Motion Control On the PC

Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC control technology. The product range covers industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus components, drive technology and automation software. Products Read more

ACS Multi-Axes Motion Controllers

ACS Motion Control’s SPii ASIC, recognised by Design News as a “Great Idea in Motion Control”, is a complete control system in a single chip that can control up to 8 AC servo/DC b Read more

ACS Motion Controller with Integrated Drives

Amcats offers ACS Motion Controller with Integrated Drives.
ACS Motion Control‘s Spii ASIC (Application specific Integrated Circuit), is recognized by Design News as a “Great Idea in Motion C Read more

Programmable Motion Controller

Motion controllers are to generate the pulse signal to control step motors and drivers. Autonics PMC Series operates and controls step and servo systems. Features: control 2-axis independent servomoto Read more

Servo Drive For Motion Control Applications

Rockwell Automation offers the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 3 component servo drive. This provides machine builders the ability to better match the needs of manufacturers without the complexity of traditiona Read more

Programmable Motion Controller IEC 61131

Integrated Drive Systems offers a Programmable Motion Controller IEC 61131. This is available in two versions, FCT241 and FCT200. Features: 1. FCT241 – up to 40 axes motion control (real time) via CAN Read more

Axis Motion Controller.

Green Automation System offers Multi Axis Motion Controller. Multi Axis Motion Controller like: Up to 8-axis control –PCI card, Stand alone Command execution–40 µs, Linear & c Read more